Visitor Procedures


As a vibrant and active lodge, Bavaria Lodge welcomes visitors to our many events throughout the year. We have a full calendar and are active from September until July. Neighbors and friends who are non-Masons are welcome to stop by for a tour; simply call or write the lodge secretary to ensure the Lodge is available.

Freemasons enjoy a strong heritage that welcomes visitation between lodges, often from outside of Munich. Travelers will appreciate knowing that we consistently host visitors from all over the world, and it is not uncommon to meet others from various states or nations.

We are pleased to note that our lodge is home to several Grand Representatives, men who, as members of our jurisdiction, serve as key contact points for other jurisdictions with whom we have friendly treaties of amity. Of course travelers from all other recognized jurisdictions are also cordially invited to participate in our programs and events at Bavaria Lodge.

Whether local or foreign, if you’d like to visit, please drop a line to the lodge Secretary at Bavaria Lodge. We serve a good meal before each temple work, with meals starting at 6:30PM and meetings at 7:30PM, normally on the First and Third Thursdays of the month. Please check the events page when the meetings are planned.

If traveling from a foreign jurisdiction, that is, outside of ACGL, and if you’d like to attend a meeting or degree, you should bring your dues card. We utilize the time-honored methods of recognizing Masons, as well as timely references of the List of Lodges book published here in Germany to confirm visitors are members of recognized and regular lodges worldwide.


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